I don’t talk much openly about this, but I have suffered with depression for a while and BTR genuinely encouraged me to reach out for help and made me know it was okay. I now see a therapist and am on medication and I have you guys to thank for helping save my life. Nick was an amazing person and I wish I would’ve known him better, but I think it’s amazing how much you guys have carried on his legacy.

- Jack D.

I absolutely love my BTR sweatshirt, and I just want to emphasize again how much this brand means to me and a lot of other people suffering from mental health issues. Nick started this brand, but you and your family have continued his legacy and he would be so proud.

- Eaton S.

I was in a dark place for awhile, I didn’t know what to do or who I could trust to talk about my depression and suicidal thoughts. One day as I was looking for some inspiration, I heard of Nick’s story and looked up BTR and BTR opened my eyes to so much more than my struggles. I’ve been almost two years clean of any self harm. I want to help spread Nick’s words and end the stigma.

- Noah R.

thank you so much. you are truly changing the world. nick was so loved by so many people. he is truly living on with all of the love you are bringing. thank you so much. you saved me.  hearing nicks story really encouraged me to get help in a time i don’t think i would’ve otherwise. thank you so much for everything you’re doing. you truly are saving lives.

- Sophie K.

BTR is more than just a clothing brand. It’s a community that people can trust. BTR has inspired people to be themselves and that they can talk to anyone whenever they need it most. That’s why I love BTR and will always wear the hoodies.

- Kyle B.

BTR is not just a brand, it is a community of people that understand that depression is an illness, and genuinely want to see you get better.  BTR and the Bales family have created an environment that fosters trust and care that encourages their members feel comfortable reaching out for help. Depression should never be fought alone, work together not against. Thank you, for all you do, BTR, you will forever hold a place in my heart.

- Logan H.

In honor of mental health awareness month, reppin BTR has me feeling extra special. Nick left behind such an empowering legacy and I am so lucky to be comforted by his everlasting presence.

- Gabriel D.

i know you don’t know me but i graduated from arapahoe last year and have been very impacted by mental illness. i love what you guys have done with this and erasing the stigma. i wanted to share my tattoo that i got this weekend. there is a lot of symbolism behind it, mostly regarding mental health and life, which i’m happy to share if you want. but i wanted to share for the simple fact of the semicolons. i want to bring awareness and i know if it wasn’t for what you guys have done i wouldn’t have inked this on me forever. i can’t wait to have my kids ask me when i’m older what it means and to tell them that it’s why i’m there holding them. i’m sorry this is so all over the place i’m just very emotion filled right now. i just wanted to say thank you and show that you are impacting so many people in so many ways—beyond just clothing

- Natasha

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