Alternative Therapy

  • Intercept Expeditions are specifically designed for families with teens struggling at home or in school. This highly structured and facilitated program removes students from the pressures and influences of home and school, and instead presents them with the healthy risks and real challenges of the natural world. Intercept courses focus on communication, conflict resolution and decision making tools.

    Students learn to examine the decisions that they have been making in their lives, and practice new ways of setting goals and connecting decisions with consequences.

  • Heartlight provides a safe haven of hope for 56 struggling teens at our residential counseling center located in Longview, Texas. Our atmosphere of relationships creates an arena of change for teens and parents lost in a broken world.

  • AIM House is an individualized, young adult transitional living program. Our program is designed for the individual who is transitioning from residential treatment centers, primary treatment, wilderness programs, and therapeutic boarding schools. We provide a structured living environment and a supportive, personalized program. AIM House is a leader in the world of transitional living and is celebrated for our ability to truly help find and connect participants to what they are passionate about.

  • In 2006, Open Sky Wilderness Therapy opened its doors in Durango, Colorado, with the mission of inspiring individuals to live in a way that honors values and strengthens relationships. Since the beginning we have been driven by our core values of courage, community, and excellence. After more than a decade of operations, Open Sky has worked with thousands of students and family members, inspired by the belief that all people have the capacity to thrive.

  • FullCircle is centered around the Enthusiastic Sobriety Philosophy: the idea that young people will stop their self-destructive behavior only if they are offered an alternative that is both fun and fulfilling.

    Our aim is to provide a program that gives support to the entire family, responds to individual needs, affirms your strengths, and, above all, a program that will serve as a safety net so that our children will not fall through the cracks.