Horse Therapy

  • Colorado Equine Specialists are all equine professionals certified in the Eagala model. We provide professional, educated, and ethical equine specialists in the equine-assisted therapy field. Being held to such a high standard sets the bar for mental health professionals, knowing their practice and their clients are receiving the best services possible.

    The Eagala model provides a standard and structure for providing Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Equine Assisted Learning sessions. Practicing within a model establishes a foundation of key values and beliefs, and provides a basis of good practice and professionalism. The Eagala model provides a framework of practice, but within that framework, there are infinite opportunities for creativity and adaptability to various therapeutic and facilitating styles.

  • The Aspen Effect builds resiliency in youth with a unique horse environment, a caring mentor team and a strength-based approach. Programs include Mini Horse Leadership School, Healing Horse Connections, Goat Pen Life Training and the Ranch Hand Leadership Academy. Just as there is currently a quiet crisis playing out in our US forests as huge numbers of trees succumb to drought, disease, insects and wildfire, there is a growing youth crisis in Colorado. Colorado ranks 43rd out of all US states in combined metrics of suicide rate, mental health issues, death from drug overdoses. We also share a tragic history of mass shootings by marginalized people. For children and youth ages 11 and up.

  • Through Gestalt Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, Family Intensives, and Relational Horsemanship, my goal is to help create beautiful relationships. For over 40 years I have been successfully guiding clients and students toward a more authentic and empowered way of living. I offer therapy sessions, parenting and human development classes, and a variety of therapeutic and horsemanship workshops (single and multi-day) throughout Colorado and the Front Range. Many I speak with share that they desire more connection with themselves and those they love, more connection with their horse, and more connection with the natural world. I have dedicated my life to facilitating the recovery and deepening of such relationships. My passion and gift is providing a path for this to occur, so take a deep breath, and let us begin on this path together...